Moving is always stressful. Our mission is to make your move as stress FREE as possible. Check out some of our helpful moving tips or call us for planning an efficient and worry-free move.

1) Tape boxes across tops and edges and label them clearly according to room placement at your new location. This will make unpacking that much easier!
2) Loosely wrap glass, stoneware and all fragile items using two layers of plain paper or (ecofriendly) cloth (Clean socks work well!).
3) Pack all loose items in boxes, not bags.
4) Dispose, sell or donate unwanted articles prior to moving to streamline packing.
5) Wrapping items in newsprint may leave stains on certain items, so it's best to use newsprint for things that can be wiped off easily, like cutlery or certain ceramics.
6) Label and place screws and small parts from disassembled furniture and equipment in small clear plastic bags. There's nothing more annoying than trying to assemble furniture only to realize you're missing half the screws, so make sure you think ahead.
7) Transport jewelry, money and valuables in your own vehicle. For your more precious (and fragile) possessions, Lion & Bear Moving Co. recommends keeping them with you at all times during the move.
8) Organize and label electronics and cables before your move for easy set up at your new location. Cables have a tendency to become extremely tangled, so taking steps to minimize this will save you some grief when it comes time to unpack.
9) Pack food securely in sealed bags for extra protection. Moving can take a lot out of you, so we suggest packing some snacks in your Essentials box, to keep your blood sugar and mood up throughout.
10) Pack and clearly mark a box for ESSENTIALS that you will need immediately when you reach your new location.

Important: Never pack flammables such as: Paint/ Thinner; Aerosol cans; Cleaning fluid; Propane tanks; Corrosive liquids 

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